Glæder mig til maj…

Jeg vil bare til Spanien og springe… ^^

Har forresten stadig mit gamle sæt til salg… SÃ¥ hvis du gerne vil prøve det, sÃ¥ mÃ¥ du jo lige bippe mig hvis du da ellers har mit nummer, ellers kan du sikkert finde det pÃ¥ ^^


Ja, sÃ¥ er der sku lidt at skrive om igen…

Jeg har sku lige fået taget hop nummer 200.. Awesome!

You Know You’re a Skydiver When…

*Someone offers you a second plate of a very delicious and fattening dessert
and you say: “No thank you, I’m watching my fall rate.”
*Each time you ride on an airline you insist on sitting by the door and wearing
your rig.
*You get engaged, and your spouse-to-be is thinking, “I can’t believe I
convinced him(her) to take the honeymoon in Paris!” and YOU’RE thinking, “I
can’t believe I convinced her(him) to take the honeymoon in Perris!”
*You’re watching a movie and someone falls/jumps/gets pushed off a building and
you yell “PULL!!”
*You can’t put on a backpack without checking for leg straps.
*You’re taking a walk, spot a good sized field, and check for obstacles and
wind direction to see how you’d make your final.
*You’re sitting in the TWA dome in St. Louis, the Rams score, the crowd cheers,
and you’re thinking “I bet I could base this thing. I’ve got my rig in the
*Your clothes are kept on the floor so that your gear can have it’s own closet.
*You’ll wake up at 6:30am on the weekends to get to the DZ, but you can’t seem
to be awake by 7:30 on the weekdays to be at work by 8.
*BOC goes from meaning “Blue Oyster Cult” to meaning “Bottom of Container”.
*You’re making love to your partner and they whisper “I’ve never done this
before” and you yell out “BEEEER!”.
*On cloudy/windy days you go to the drop zone anyway and bitch about the
*On cloudy/windy days you pull out your parachute and pack it just to say that
you’ve done something skydiving-related.
*You “dirt-dive”, “post-dive” and critique your love-making sessions.
*The smell of bug spray makes you think of skydiving.
*Whenever a passenger in a fast-moving car, you stick your head out the window
and yell “FIVE LEFT” to the driver.
Whenever leaving an establishment you yell “DOOR” to all the patrons before
opening the door.
*You don’t own any clothing that you didn’t get at a boogie.
*Every single one of your whuffo friends is to the point of wanting to kill you
every time you mention skydiving.
*You analyze every flag you see in terms of it’s too windy/not too windy to
*You analyze every flag you see in terms of which direction you’d face to land.
*It’s a dark sky with low clouds and you’re thinking “Hop -n- Pops!”.
*It’s so windy that trees are bending over and you’re thinking “Cross
*You allow a maximum 55 seconds of “working time” when making love.
*You can’t think of a good reason to pick up your mail for three weeks after
your issues of “Skydiving” and “Parachutist” arrive.
*You feel naked without at least one jump ticket in your wallet.
*You sign your checks with your name and USPA number.
*You know to the tenth of a mile how far it is from your driveway to the drop
zone’s driveway.
*Every time someone’s beeper goes off you look at your watch to see if it’s
break-off altitude.
*You don’t remember your anniversary or your mother’s birthday, but you know
down to the second how much accumulated freefall time you have.
*You analyze sessions of love-making in terms of “points turned”.
*You refer to your recent break-up as an “intentional cut-away”.
*You check the local weather forecast every hour before the weekend.
*You get mad at the weatherman when he predicts rain for the weekend.
*You can’t remember the true meanings of the words “Stiletto” “Javelin” “Talon”
“Racer” …..
*You walk everywhere watching the sky.
*You show up at the DZ even on the worst-weather days because at least you can
sit around drinking beer.
*You can’t mention the word “first” in casual conversation, at work, or ever in
reference to yourself.
*You have your paycheck direct-deposited into the DZ account.
*You plan your vacations around skydiving boogies.
*On a full moon night, you look up and think “Night jumps!”
*You know the DZ phone number while you don’t even know your own.
*You know what the lines mean on a weather map.
*Anytime you have sex with someone for the first time you think “Beer!”
*You’ve kissed more people in freefall than you have on the ground.
*Your whuffo friends just don’t understand why you would want to “do” a horny
*You drive a beaten-up car because you really need that new canopy more.
*You have no idea what is happening on the weekends in your town.
*You have more pairs of Tevas than you do sneakers.
*You catch yourself flaking the bed instead of making it.
*The term “PC” makes you think of pilot chutes, not personal computers.
*You name your dog “Toggles”.
*Hey Asshole!…..What?!? Count off!…..ONE!
*You wonder what whuffos _DO_ with themselves on gorgeous summer weekends
*You look at your VCR and think, “Hmm, that’s gotta be worth a few jumps.”
*You forget to lower your voice when talking to your jumper friends in a
restaurant about the weekend’s lost dildos, loose leg straps and lack of
*You refer to Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, etc. as ‘Relative Work’
*You wish for wind, rain, snow, earthquakes, locusts, tornadoes, etc. on days
you have to work or have other ‘Relative Work’ to do.
*You can’t imagine how anyone can go on vacation without a parachute.
*Your rig costs more than your trailer.
*The word “4-way” has a whole new meaning.
*You love the smell of ‘Jet A’ in the morning!
*Losing your job is a reason for celebration!
*Your ‘work’ clothes have grippers.
*You wear a Skydiving T-shirt and bring a six pack to a job interview.
*You try to convince the State Trooper that your “D” license allows you to do
*Your log book is thicker than any book you’ve ever read.
*You stop by the New River Bridge and take a look. All the others are saying
‘damn, look how high it is’ and you’re saying ‘damn, look how low it is’.
*When you buy anything you calculate how many skydives it will cost.
*When you wear your rig on commercial passenger flights, just in case.
*When seeing seats in a twin otter gives you the willies.
*When you go to divorce court and give your ex everything as long as you can
keep all your skydiving gear.
*When buying a house seems like a terrible waste of jump money.
*When you own three rigs, three altimeters, three Dytters….
*When you log a jump on December 25 and the fact it is Christmas doesn’t enter
your mind.
*Your six year old son can teach the first jump course.
*You put your arms down and back in a full track when running down stairs.
*You estimate your chances of pulling off a hard front riser turn when looking
out any window above four stories.
*When you wake up with a mean hangover in a tent, the first thing you check is
your rig. Then the person sleeping next to you.
*You find yourself mentally telling the pilot when to flare while landing on a
commercial flight.
*Your Christmas tree has more skydivers on it that an Otter can carry.
*Your thinking about taking all the but the driver’s seats out of your car.
*Every time you get pulled over for speeding you tell the cop you just made
your first skydive in the hopes that he will let you go.
*Your favorite movie in the world is just over sixty seconds long.
*Your whuffo friends only call if the weather man says the weekend will be
*Your friends look at the sky and say, “look at all those clouds”, and you say,
“look at all those holes!”.
*You wake up in the morning feeling like death warmed over, after having a few
too many beers the night before, and your solution to this consists of riding
in an extremely loud vehicle for about twenty minutes, throwing yourself out
the door and NOT! killing yourself.
*You can’t think of a better way to relax other than falling 10,000 feet.
*You fill out your packing data card in Braille and try to convince the drop
zone owner it’s legal.
*When you see a green stop light you open a beer.
*You won’t go on a commercial airliner without your gear.
*You consider sleeping in a slanted plane as comfortable.
*You see an incredibly beautiful woman and you think, “hmm, I wonder if I can
talk her into……skydiving!”.
*Your girlfriend holds out her left hand and says the word diamond. You picture
a four-way formation, look at your girlfriends hand realize the diamond she’s
talking about is going to cost over 200 jumps, and then, with a smile, picture
your girlfriend’s suitcases on the porch.
*Your friend says “let’s go to the beach”, and you grab your rig.
*You try to convince the flight attendant on a commercial flight that you
really! would be much more comfortable sitting on the floor.
*Your friends think it’s funny to, when you are sleeping, blow a fan in your
face and set a beeper off near your ear.
*When someone asks you where you’re from, you reply with the name of your DZ,
not your hometown.

Fandt den pÃ¥ FACEBOOK og syntes da lige jeg ville dele den med jer alle…

Ã…ret der gik…

Godt nytÃ¥r vil jeg da lige starte med at skrive… Selvom jeg er et par dage forsinket…

Det kommer sku nok ikke som den store overraskelse at 2007 er afsluttet.. Og derfor er det tid til lige at stoppe op og gøre status over faldskærms-Ã¥ret der er gÃ¥et… For der er jo efterhÃ¥nden sket en del siden mit første spring “tilbage” i 2005.. :D

Ã…ret belv jo sluttet enormt fornemt af… 7 spring fordelt pÃ¥ 30. og 31. december! Super! Specielt de 2 den 31. .. 2 spring tættere pÃ¥ at mÃ¥tte freefly’e med andre! Sweet!

Spring optællingen sluttede pÃ¥ 188 i Ã¥r.. Og Ã¥ret før var der 93 spring… SÃ¥ 2007 kan stÃ¥ inde for 95 spring til DoZ3r-duden! :D Og hvilke 95 spring!

At mit freefly er blevet bedre gennem Ã¥ret er der vidst slet ikke nogen tvivl om, sÃ¥ derfor lige en tak til alle dem der har hjulpet mig med rÃ¥d og vejledning nÃ¥r jeg ikke kunne finde ud af det hvordan det virkede! Og selvfølgelig tak til den store flok fritflyvere der til stadighed inspirerer os “unge og hÃ¥befulde” freeflyere til at gøre vores bedste for at komme op pÃ¥ jeres niveau! Ingen nævnt, ingen glemt!

Og sÃ¥ var det jo ogsÃ¥ i 2007 at jeg fik min Sabre2 debut! og jeg kan jo kun sige at jeg er allerede efter 7 spring med den dybt afhængig! Det er bare fedt at komme op med den… Det gÃ¥r sk bare lidt stærkere ned mod jorden i min go’e gamle Spectre-fyr…

Spectre-fyren (og resten af sættet) stÃ¥r stadig og venter pÃ¥ dig… SÃ¥ hvis det lige er dig, sÃ¥ kan du jo give mig et kald pÃ¥ 29623831, eller se om du kan finde den pÃ¥ ..

La’ os nu komme videre!

Lige et held og lykke med herfra! Må vi alle få mange fede freefly spring i 08!

Godt vejr, tak…

Jeg savner bare at springe for tiden… Men vejret spiller bare ikke… Og heller ikke flyvejernet… Det er sku alt for nederen…

Har i øvrigt stadig mit sæt til salg, men det var nu ventet at det skulle stÃ¥ et stykke tid…

Men hÃ¥ber bare at jeg kan fÃ¥ fri fra jobbet sÃ¥ jeg kan tage til Spanien med Phobos i januar.. Det kunne bare være sÃ¥ fedt at tage med pÃ¥ sÃ¥dan en tur… Bare i hÃ¥bet om at fÃ¥ nogle spring i starten af det nye Ã¥r…

CJ Boogie og Q

Ja, det er vel ikke noget hemmelighed at jeg er inde som værnepligtig for tiden.. Men derfor syntes jeg da ikke at i skal skÃ¥nes for en lille nyhed fra min side af.. Eller nyhed er stort sagt.. En update pÃ¥ den seneste tids spring.. Først og fremmest.. Tak for et fedt CJ Boogie! Det var sku sjovt.. Og tak til alle jer som jeg nu havde nogle spring sammen med.. Mit sit er for alvor begyndt at virke (tror jeg). Det er i hvert fald blevet mere stabilt.. Og jeg hygger mig.. Men jeg er i Aalborg som værnepligtig, og derfor skulle jeg da lige et smut forbi Q faldskærmscenter.. Og ja.. Det er underligt at deres flyver er større end CJ’s. Og prislisten er ogsÃ¥ noget anderledes.. 120,- for et lift til max 5000 ft og 160,- for et lift i +5000 ft. Men stedet er sku fedt nok… Og deres landingsomrÃ¥de er jo nærmest gigantisk! Tror ikke jeg har mere lige nu..

Vi ses i 13.2! DoZ3r

Super Weekend!

Hold da helt kæft en lækker skærm weekend… NÃ¥ede at fÃ¥ 6 spring… Helt vildt… Jeg er sÃ¥ smadret i kroppen i dag… Og paintball’en har ikke just hjulpet.. Men det var skide sjovt… Og opstartsfesten blev sku ogsÃ¥ spas…

Meeen det er dog stadig plads til forbedringer ved mit sit (læs: det virker ikke)… Men jeg skal bare op og prøve igen… Det er jo sÃ¥ dejligt med noget fritfald…


I onsdag blev det sÃ¥ tid til at prøve noget helt anderledes.. En langdistance… Og fuck hvor er der bare langt ned nÃ¥r man hænger i bærende over 3500 meter… Men udsigten! WAUW!!! Det skal jeg helt sikkeert prøve igen, meeeen det skal bare være lidt varmere næste gang… Jeg endte nemlig med noget afen svimletur bagefter… SÃ¥ her kan jeg jo kun sige at jeg var ret glad for at i andre var der til at hjælpe mig tilbage pÃ¥ ret køl! HC, Engstrøm, Bent og Dennis! I er sku for seje…

SÃ¥ næste gang den stÃ¥r pÃ¥ langdistance, sÃ¥ skal det sku være sommer…. :-D

Fuck det var fedt!

Nu er pÃ¥skeboogiet ovre, i hvert fald for mit vedkommende! Det var sku et fedt boogie, igen! Fyldt med diverse oplevelser, og et par fede spring.. Sitten virker ikke endnu, men nÃ¥r man bare snakker med folk, kan man virkeligt fÃ¥ meget af vide. Nils Predstrups forslag/coaching pÃ¥ jorden var dog noget af det mest impronerende, og det skal helt sikkert prøves af nÃ¥r jeg ellers kommer tilbage til CJ og forhÃ¥bentligt nogle flere spring! Men Ã…rs er jo bare et fedt sted at være og baren som blev flittigt brugt hører til blandt de bedste! Alt for fedt! DW og BS, i er sku nogle “underlige” mennesker og det er sku sjovt at drikke med jer! HÃ¥ber da ogsÃ¥ at vi fÃ¥r nogle spring sammen pÃ¥ et senere tidspunkt…

Det var ogsÃ¥ fedt at have en repræsentant fra Cypres pÃ¥ pladsen.. Han kunne fortælle yderst fyldestgørende om Cypres2 og selvom jeg vidste jeg ville have en ny Cypres nÃ¥r den gamle døde er jeg helt sikker nu… Der kommer nogle cypres reklamer pÃ¥ siden i løbet af det næste stykke tid…

Turen gÃ¥r til…


Så er det vidst tid til at tune faldskærmen og komme ud og få tæsket nogle spring, og ikke mindst nogle pakninger af! Påskeboogie, forhåbentligt med lidt bedre vejr end sidste år, og forhåbentligt også med nogle flere spring!!

HC var med oppe og filme mit forsøg pÃ¥ at gÃ¥ i sit! Hold da helt kæft hvor skal der trænes… Jeg arbejder bare videre i Ã…rs og har det fedt!!!!!!!!!!!

Ses vi deroppe? Det tror jeg nok vi gør!